1. Child in glasses holding two beakers

    Enroll Your Child in Summer Camp at The Art Farm NYC!

    Can you believe that the first day of summer is just around the corner? We certainly can’t! It felt like just yesterday that we were planning our winter calendar, and now we’re opening our summer programs for kids up to the public! If your child has never participated in summer activities for kids at The Art Farm NYC, there’s no better time to enroll them than right now. We’ve had amazing …Read More

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    How Extracurricular Classes Benefit Children of All Ages

    As a parent, you want the absolute best for your child. You’ve searched for the best schools in the area and, like most parents in the United States, have spent the better part of the last year tirelessly working to ensure that your child can learn effectively from a distance. Much of NYC is now opening up, providing your child with the opportunity to go back to in-person learning, build relatio…Read More

  3. 5 Things to Know About The Art Farm NYC This Spring

    Spring is in full swing, and we couldn’t be more excited about the things happening here at The Art Farm NYC! In a previous post, we discussed a few ways spring cleaning can benefit your child, so be sure to read through that post if you could use a helping hand around the house. In this post, we’re going to discuss five things we want you to know about us as we reopen and expand the classes f…Read More

  4. How Spring Cleaning Could Benefit Your Child

    Can you believe that the first day of spring is just around the corner? Here at The Art Farm NYC, we couldn’t be more excited for warmer weather, beautiful springtime blossoms, and the opportunity to do more of our favorite activities outdoors. After spending months inside, we’re also excited to spring clean our homes and get everything tidied up. If you’re looking forward to a cleaner, more…Read More

  5. Spring 2021 Class Spotlight

    With spring  just around the corner, your child will need something to keep them occupied and learning instead of filling their free time with more screens. At The Art Farm NYC, there’s nothing we love more than helping children keep their minds active while having fun. We’re offering fun and engaging classes year-round. Spring with The Art Farm is so much fun. We learn about ladybugs, baby c…Read More

  6. How Animal Interaction Improves Children’s Development

    At The Art Farm NYC, we don’t promote childhood interaction with animals just because it’s fun for our guests. It certainly is, but it’s also a valuable way to help children reach developmental milestones and gain an appreciation of the natural world. In this post, you’ll learn about the connection between animal interaction and child development, and how The Art Farm NYC is fostering grow…Read More

  7. Learn More About Our Presidents’ Week Workshop

    President’s day is just around the corner, which means that school’s out, and The Art Farm NYC is in session! We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the day off with you, and we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more about our Presidents’ Day workshops that are happening not just on Monday, but throughout the entire week! Read on to learn more, and visit our Registration page i…Read More

  8. 5 Resolutions Everyone Should Make in 2021

    Can you believe it’s 2021! Although 2020 has been a year marked by hardship and struggle, it’s also provided us with opportunities to look at our lives in new and fulfilling ways. As life begins to return to normal later this year, we hope that our readers won’t lose sight of the good things that happened and the positive opportunities that presented themselves in 2020. In this post, we’ll…Read More

  9. How Is Your Child Spending Winter Break?

    Think back to when you were a child — did you ever think that the day would come when you weren’t excited for time away from school? After nine months of switching between online and in-person learning, depending on which school your child attends, they might not be feeling all that excited about having a few weeks off for winter break. In fact, a break from structured education might have the…Read More

  10. Tips for a Healthy Immune System

    With COVID-19 cases on the rise and flu season just about to peak, it’s more important than ever before to keep your immune system functioning at its best. In this post, we’ll discuss a few easy-to-implement tips you can use to keep you and your family’s immune systems strong. The Art Farm NYC is dedicated to helping you and your family stay well, and part of staying well this winter involve…Read More