Join us for an exploration of art, music, animal science, cooking and more in one of our semester based classes! Check out all of our class descriptions, prices and schedule below.

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NEW CLASS – Babes on The Farm

Babes on The Farm (ages 3 months – 1 year)
A Baby Music Class
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 12:00pm – 12:45pm
Summer: $240 | Fall: $512 |Winter: $416

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Babes on the farm is a 45 minute weekly music class specially designed for your baby in their earliest months of life. Miss Jaclyn, the teacher has extensive experience teaching toddlers and babies music with guitar and singing. We will have an all out blast each week playing your favorite songs to develop emotional awareness, cognitive and motor skills with instruments and sensory props, social interaction, and of course, bonding with your baby through music! After music time in our carpeted music room, you can  take a journey to our indoor petting zoo where our animal specialists will join you and your baby on the farm to meet and play with our incredible animals. Bring your blanket from home for your baby to lay on in the class if he/she is not sitting up yet and join us for our one of a kind baby and me music class, Babes on the Farm!

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Rock, Smocks, and Animals

Adult Participation | Music, Art, and Animals
14-24 months | 1-4 years mixed ages | 2-3 years
Winter: $494 | Spring: $384 | Summer: $256 | Fall: $560 Book Your Free Trial Today

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Join us on an animal adventure as we jump with the frogs and hop with the bunnies and learn about a new animal every week. We start out groovin’ to the guitar, bouncing with the balls and dancing with our friends as we sing along with all types of instruments. As we wait with anticipation to meet the star of the show, “The Animal of The Week”, we play and learn with toys that are similar to our animal visitor and just before he comes we settle down for a story. Once our special animal appears we get to touch, enjoy, and hear all about him. Every other week we pull out the paint, glue, feathers, sand and more as we create an animal masterpiece of our own. This one-of-a-kind class isn’t over until you meet all of our friends in our indoor petting zoo.

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Farm Friends

90-minute Adult and Me pre-school prep class
9:30am – 11:00am | 18 months to 2½ years
Winter: $585 | Spring: $480 | Summer: $320 | Fall: $672

Is your child ready for a longer class? Our Farm Friends, hour and a half class is the perfect program to engage your child in more play. We will introduce school concepts such as transitioning to other classrooms and activities, all with you, or your caregiver’s support. This program will start in our main classroom giving your child many options such as play dough, puzzles, creative play with our kid’s kitchen, trains, sensory activities and more. We will then gather for a small circle time to sing songs and say hello to our friends. Then it will be time for a healthy organic snack and a story. Before we venture to the petting zoo to see the animals, we will create an art project. Our program will end with meeting a new animal every week and free time in our petting zoo.

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Art for Busy Kids

Wednesday | 2-6 years
9:30am – 10:30am | 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Winter: $494 | Spring: $384 | Summer: $256 | Fall: $560

Join us for exploration and play through art. We will begin with open art time where the children will be invited to explore painting with different mediums and objects on a large piece of paper with their class. We will explore painting with bubble wrap, dragging small cars through paint and more. Then we will move onto a story which will help get our creativity flowing for our next project. Every week we will create a masterpiece using many different materials. Whether we paint on canvas or create with recycled materials, everyone is sure to have fun creating art that will revolve around storybook characters, the alphabet and the world around us. Children must attend with a caregiver and the older the child is, the more independent they can be. Before this hour class is through, it’s time to visit all the animals in our petting zoo.

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2 Year-Old Separation Two’s Group

2020 Winter Semester
January 6th – April 13th
Tuesday and/or Thursday 9:30am – 11:45am
1 day/week $975 | 2 days/week $1,950

2020 Spring Semester
April 6th – June 26th
Tuesday and/or Thursday 9:30am – 11:45am
1 day/week $720 | 2 days/week $1,440

2020 Summer Semester
June 29th – August 21st
Tuesday and/or Thursday 9:30am – 11:45am
1 day/week $480 | 2 days/week $960

2019 Fall Semester
September 3rd – December 21st
Tuesday and/or Thursday 9:30am – 11:45am
1 day/week $1,120 | 2 days/week $2,170

Is your child two years old and ready to separate and play on their own? Then this will be the program for you. Our warm, cozy atmosphere and our nurturing staff will help your child to separate and best of all, our animals will get their attention. All of this combined will allow your child to feel safe and get ready to play on their own with our teachers. Our Two’s Play Group is designed to encourage independence, help develop social skills, and promote interaction among the children in their class.

Our program is based on creative play, and lets children explore and enjoy our classroom with toys, puzzles, and blocks, and participate in a small circle time lead by our teachers. The children will also enjoy the parachute and familiar songs in our music room. They will also get a chance to create masterpieces during art, have a healthy snack and best of all, cuddle with our animals.

During our Summer months in our Summer Two’s Camp, the children will do indoor water play in Play Time and our curriculum will focus on Summer themes. During the Fall and school year semesters, the children’s curriculum will focus on a seasonal calendar.

All children joining the program must be 2 years old by the first day of the semester.

Enrolled families will be given priority registration for the next semester.

This is a non-refundable program once registered.

The Art Farm does not offer make-up classes for this class.

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Farm Foodies Cooking Class

After-school program
Thursday: 11:30am – 12:30pm | 2-8 years mixed ages
Thursday: 3:30pm – 4:30pm | 2-8 years mixed ages
Saturday: 9:00am – 10:00am | 2-8 years mixed ages (Saturday Classes Resume In September)
Drop-In: $40 | Winter: $585 | Spring: $420 | Summer: $245 | Fall: $507

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Farm Fresh and Seasonal! Finally, your child can enjoy a cooking class where they learn the basics of cooking and the importance of fresh ingredients as well. Please join Chef Sylvie in smelling mint, shaping brioche, peeling rhubarb, cutting cookies and tasting new fresh fruits and vegetables. Winter Spring Summer and Fall Chef Sylvie create a seasonal organic menu from around the globe. Your kids will embark on a cooking and sensory adventure while developing their taste buds for food fresh from the farm.

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Animal Care Class

After-school program
4-7 years
Winter: $494 | Spring: $384 | Summer: $256 | Fall: $560 Book Your Free Trial Today

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This one-of-a-kind after-school program will give your child the rare opportunity to spend time with live animals and to develop the important science skills of observation, classification, and communication. Using a hands-on approach to learning, your child will participate in age-appropriate science activities, stories, fun games and creative crafts. Every session will include actively caring for our friendly critters, up-close animal encounters and time to record observations. Before it’s time to go the students can read an animal-themed book or just relax with a favorite creature on the Farm. This one of a kind experience will instill in your child the importance of care, respect, and responsibility for all living creatures.

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Mini Masterpieces

After-school program
Tuesday: 3:30pm – 4:30pm | 4-8 years
Winter: $494 | Spring: $384 | Summer: $256 | Fall: $560

In this unique art class, students will focus on a different famous artist every week. We will explore their techniques and masterpieces before we create our own. Children will be introduced to different mediums such as acrylic paint, watercolors, chalk, and more! We will introduce and review the process of the famous artist we are focusing on as we encourage the children to create their own pieces of art.

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NEW CLASS! Art of Cake Decorating!

Art of Cake Decorating (ages 5 – 10 years)
5 – 7 Years | Wednesdays: 3:30pm – 4:30pm
7 – 10 Years | Wednesdays 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Winter Semester: $507

Join us for a one of a kind class. Kids will be introduced to professional cake decorating tools and different techniques as they work with buttercream, fondant and royal icing on a unique weekly project. Students will learn buttercream concepts and basic piping along with advanced piping and flower piping techniques. Students will also have an introduction to fondant, hand modeling, cutters, textures, flowers and basic royal icing applications. Class will be led by Chef Dani, a professional pastry chef. Class will end with 15 minutes in our petting zoo.


Home School Fall 2019

Fall Semester – Two 6 Week Sessions To Choose From
Live Animal Science | 5 – 8 years
Session 1: September 12 – October 17 | Animal Classification $150
Session 2: October 24 – December 5 | Animal Adaptations $150
Thursdays, 11:30am – 12:30pm

*no class on Nov. 28th in observation of Thanksgiving.

Give your child the opportunity to spend time with live animals and to develop the important science skills of observation, classification, and communication. Children will be encouraged to make observations, ask questions, and use their sense of wonder about the natural world while exploring ways to be kind and respectful towards animals and their environment.

Each week we will take an in-depth look into animal habitats and animal classification through animal skulls, x-rays and footprints. During the class, we will focus on animal husbandry including weighing and measuring animals. The children will also learn animal handling skills and create enrichment toys, which they will share with our animals.

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