Mornings on The Farm

1+ years
Year-round program
Saturday/Sunday 8am – 10am
1 visit – Children: $15 | Adults: $5 | Members: $5

Where else in New York City can you begin your day on the farm? With a basket full of hay and goodies, you and your children can spend the morning feeding and snuggling animals right here at our indoor farm on the Upper East Side.

Farm Foodies Cooking Class

After-school/weekend program
Saturday 9am – 10am | 2-8 years
View Cooking Schedule
Drop-In: $40 | Winter: $420 | Spring: $420 | Summer: $245 | Fall: $560

Farm Fresh and Seasonal! Finally, your child can enjoy a cooking class where they learn the basics of cooking and the importance of fresh ingredients as well. Please join Chef Sylvie in smelling mint, shaping brioche, peeling rhubarb, cutting cookies and tasting new fresh fruits and vegetables. Winter Spring Summer and Fall Chef Sylvie create a seasonal organic menu from around the globe. Your kids will embark on a cooking and sensory adventure while developing their taste buds for food fresh from the farm.

Farm Foodies Class Menu

April 7th & 9th Red Tomato & Mozzarella Brioche
April 14th & 16th Strawberry Rhubarb Cups
April 21st & 23rd Fresh Kale Tortilla Chips
April 28th & 30th Roasted Pear Biscuits

May 5th & 7th Artichoke Soft Pretzel
May 12th & 14th Mother‘s Day Raspberry Pink Cake
May 19th & 21st Green Veggie Biscuits
May 26th Matcha Breadsticks

June 2nd & 4th Fresh Corn Foccacia
June 7th & 9th Blueberry Pocket Pies
June 14th & 16th Father‘s Day Spring Pea Buns
June 21st & 23rd Cherry Pop Tarts

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