Child holding sparkler

The Fourth of July will be here before you know it!

You’re probably planning a party or attending one now that it’s safe to see friends and family again, and today’s post features a few fun ways to get the kids involved and keep them entertained.

As you’ll learn in more detail below, The Art Farm NYC is offering fun and educational summer activities for kids all summer long! Our 2021 summer camp begins on June 28 and runs through August 28 on a weekly basis. Learn more about the different themes featured each week, and read on to learn how you can make this Independence Day truly unforgettable for your child and their friends!

Fun Activity Ideas for the Fourth of July

Tie-Dye Party

Want to give your child and their friends a creative outlet? Help them tie-dye shirts, tablecloths, and dog bandanas, and any other items you have lying around the house. You’ll need white items, a handful of rubber bands, and blue and red dye. Simply wet the shirts, scrunch them into a pattern using the rubber bands (spiral is the most popular), and let the dye do the rest of the work!

Jar Fireworks

Don’t worry — this activity doesn’t involve any explosives or fire. All you need for this activity is a mason jar, water, vegetable oil, and food coloring. Add the water and vegetable oil to the jar and have your child slowly add drops of food coloring into the mixture. The result is a fun and beautiful display of swirling, “explosive” bursts of color!

Candy Sparklers

Who doesn’t love candy and sparklers on the Fourth of July? To make candy sparklers, purchase pretzel rods, white chocolate chips, and a mix of red, white, and blue candy (M&Ms and sprinkles are a great choice!). Melt the white chocolate and have your child either drizzle it onto the rod or simply dip it in. Then, they can sprinkle their favorite candy on the chocolate before refrigerating it for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, all that’s left to do is enjoy!

Patriotic Ice Cubes

Patriotic ice cubes are the perfect way to make sure everyone can stay cool and festive, no matter what they’re drinking. All your child will need to do is add food coloring to an ice tray, but you can mix it up and make it even more interesting by adding different flavors. For instance, red ice cubes can be made by freezing cranberry juice or another red drink; blue ice cubes could be anything — you can always add food coloring if you want a flavor that isn’t sold with blue coloring!

What Is Your Child Doing for the Rest of the Summer?

We hope that these ideas will make your child’s Fourth of July experience fun and exciting. If you want to keep the fun and festivities going all summer long, look into our summer activities for kids! We’re offering a wide range of classes for kids that cover everything from science and art to music, animal science, and so much more.

View our full week-by-week schedule on our Summer Camp page and sign your child up today!