Are you wondering which NYC preschool is right for your child? The options are almost endless — how can you choose the one that’s right for your child?

You’ve come to the right place.

We discussed a few reasons why we believe every child should attend our NYC preschool in a previous entry, so be sure to catch up on that information if you haven’t had a chance to read through it.

Today’s post is a continuation of that discussion, and we hope it will be useful as you search for the perfect preschool program for your child. If you think that The Art Farm NYC would be a good fit, we invite you to reach out to us as soon as possible — spots are filling up quickly!

Why You Should Enroll Your Child In Our NYC Preschool

Motor Skill Development

Motor skill development and hand-eye coordination are important milestones in every child’s life. We take fine and gross motor skill development seriously, and almost every activity we schedule includes some form of practice. From practicing whole-body movements on our playground to using paintbrushes and putting together puzzles, you’ll notice a difference in your child’s physical abilities when they’ve completed our program.

Healthy Eating Habits

Do you struggle to get your child to eat their vegetables? What about eating in general?

Whether or not you have a picky eater under your roof, sometimes an outside influence is all it takes to change their habits. Our NYC preschool focuses on developing healthy eating habits and encouraging children to make nutritious choices when it comes to their meals. We also include age-appropriate cooking lessons under the guidance of our talented instructors — you’ll be amazed at what your little chef can create!

Improved Linguistic Skills

If you think carefully about it, your child hasn’t had the chance to converse with many people who aren’t you. Maybe they have a few friends with whom you schedule playdates every now and then, but their conversational abilities are still fairly limited.

Our NYC preschool aims to change that.

We give our preschoolers personalized attention and teach them how to converse appropriately with adults and children their age. We don’t stop there, though. We also teach our preschoolers how to be good listeners. After all, learning how to listen is one of the most important conversational skills all of us can work on, no matter how old we are!

Art and Music Time

Many preschools and schools have done away with art and music classes. Here at The Art Farm NYC, we believe that creative expression through art and music is just as important as STEM classes.

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, we bring in live animals and present fun and engaging science experiments in order to foster a sense of wonder about the world. We also provide our preschool classes with plenty of time to create artwork, dance, sing, and play instruments with our dedicated music teachers!

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