Applications for the 2020-2021 school year are now available!

Our preschool program for the 2020-2021 school year will take place at our 91st St. location. Please submit your application and The Art Farm will contact you to schedule a tour. Please submit completed applications to:

2020-2021 Preschool Application

One of a kind program…

Our philosophy is to provide opportunities for our children to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually in a warm, loving, and nurturing environment. We believe children learn through hands-on activities and exploration through the arts and nature. Children will be exposed to a wide variety of programming which will engage them in a play-based learning environment with a strong sense of age-appropriate academics. Our little students learn to become self-reliant and develop a strong self-image as we encourage everyone’s various learning styles and interests. The incredible connection between children and animals promotes the love of nature and the outside world, which is especially valuable in a city environment. We also encourage healthy eating habits as well as environmental responsibility through recycling.

Throughout the day, the children are encouraged to socialize with their peers and work together in a classroom setting. Our program runs from September through June.


Our 2s and 3s is based on a monthly theme curriculum with a focus on colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.

Daily Live Animal Science Lessons

Every day in school, a live animal will visit your child’s classroom. The teachers will teach the children how to hold and pet the animal as well as teach them about their natural environments, diets, characteristics, and more. Physical science is also a strong part of our curriculum. The children engage in many different experiments and discuss the results.


Children are encouraged to express themselves through art and take pride and ownership in their work.


We feel learning through arts is very important. Our children participate in music every week. Your child will also sing along with the guitar and play instruments with one of our own music teachers each week.


Our little chefs cook once a month right in their classroom using fresh, healthy, whole food ingredients and their own cooking utensils. We promote healthy eating habits when cooking in our kitchen and provide fresh fruit during snack time.


Children engage in seasonal outdoor play movement and physical activities in the gym. We know the children really need to get physical and run around the older they get. Our 3 and 4-year-old programs go to the gym once a week for relay races, ball play and indoor physical games. All programs do music and movement in their classroom every week as well.

for the 2019 – 2020 school year!

2’s Program
Children born Jan. 2017 – June 2017

2 Day | T, TH | Half Day

3’s Program
Children born in 2016

Half Day & Full Day Options

3 – 5 Day Options

For an application or to schedule a tour, please Contact us