Many parents aren’t sure whether or not preschool is the right decision for their child.

We can’t blame them — sending your child somewhere new can be a difficult change.

At The Art Farm NYC, we take pride in providing a safe, welcoming preschool program that builds important skills in a fun and engaging way. We’ve outlined a few of our favorite reasons why parents love our NYC preschool below, and we hope you’ll take them into consideration as you consider whether preschool is right for your child.

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Four Benefits of Preschool


Children have a natural sense of wonder about the world around them. Unfortunately, television, video games, and smartphones have replaced that curiosity with idle sitting and scrolling. Here at The Art Farm NYC, we believe that fostering this sense of curiosity is the key to helping children develop a love of learning that lasts long after class has come to an end. We give our preschoolers the chance to interact with live animals, perform science experiments, and engage in other activities that show them just how amazing the world around them can be.


Enrolling your child in preschool is one of the best ways to help them learn how to interact with adults and other children their age. Socialization doesn’t happen overnight, but at our NYC preschool, we help our preschoolers learn how to set boundaries, share, solve problems, and pick up on social cues. We’ll keep you updated as your child reaches important socialization milestones!


Developing your child’s sense of independence isn’t always easy. Whether it’s picking out their clothes for the day or taking responsibility for putting away their toys and making their bed, encouraging them to become more independent is something that takes time.

The Art Farm NYC can help! Our preschool program helps children become more confident and self-reliant, which are both vital skills your child will need as they progress through school.


Helping your child prepare for the future is incredibly valuable, but we can’t forget about the importance of having fun! At The Art Farm NYC, we believe that learning and having a good time don’t have to be separate parts of the day. When you choose our NYC preschool, you’re choosing to enroll your child in a program that builds foundational skills in a way that’s exciting and entertaining. We hope you won’t be upset if your little one doesn’t want to go home at the end of the day!

Learn More About Our NYC Preschool

We hope that today’s post will help you in the search for the ideal preschool for your child. We plan to continue this topic in a second installment, so keep an eye on our blog page for additional information!

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