Featured image of children looking at a turtle at The Art Farm in NYC,

New York City is an amazing place. Between the culture, history, events, and sheer size of the city, there’s never a dull moment. However, there’s also something to be said for slowing down and taking a break from city living. The Art Farm is proud to be NYC’s top children’s educational center offering classes, parties, petting zoos, and so much more.

In today’s post, we’re going to provide you with details about all of our drop-in classes for kids in NYC. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to help your child meet other children their age or a place where they can interact with animals they’ve never seen before, we know that they’ll love The Art Farm NYC!

Come by One of Our Drop-In Classes for Kids!

Open Playtime Children looking at a turtle at The Art Farm NYC,

Open Playtime is a fantastic opportunity for your child to get to know The Art Farm NYC. Children of any age can come by and participate in arts and crafts, creative play, animal time, and more! You can purchase a one-time pass for your child if you’d like to try us out, or you can purchase a 10-day pass if you would like to bring your child by whenever it works for you at a discounted rate. Either way, we know that your child will look forward to coming back!

Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays are held from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. and are a great way to introduce your child to some of our most popular activities. Fun Fridays include baking under the supervision of our chefs, arts and crafts that get your child’s creativity flowing, music and singalongs, and time with our animals. Be sure to arrive by 10 a.m. if your child would like to participate in each activity!

Mornings on the Farm

If you’re ready to switch up your morning routine and get a break from the streets of NYC, then come by The Art Farm and try Mornings on the Farm with your little one! This class for kids runs from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. and provides you and your child with the opportunity to feed and interact with our animals. This family-friendly activity is held every Saturday and Sunday, so why not give Mornings on the Farm a try this weekend?

Farm Foodies

Farm Foodies is designed for children between 2 and 8 and allows them to learn about the basics of cooking, the importance of fresh ingredients, and how to make healthy eating choices! We aim to create a fun-filled, collaborative environment in which your child can get to know others their age and develop relationships with our friendly instructors. Take a look at the Farm Foodies schedule to find a class your child will love!

We hope that today’s entry will help you find a drop-in time that works for you and your child. View our complete list of drop-in opportunities on this page, and be sure to look through our semester-long classes for kids in NYC on this page!