art farm nyc early math skills

Math is such an important skill to have. If you take a look around you, most of what you see is based on math. When kids get older and they are beginning to decide on a career, knowing math will be foundational no matter what career path they choose.

The Art Farm offers NYC preschool classes in a unique environment. Featuring NYC’s only indoor petting zoo, our preschool curriculum is based on hands-on learning activities that include animals, outdoor play, art, music, cooking, and so much more. We foster an environment based on exploration and nurturing so your child can grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Below, we’ll go over tips on how to incorporate math at a young age. Contact our NYC preschool today!


Number Sense

At an early age, it’s best to keep the concepts simple. However, it’s never too early to expose children to the words and teach them what they mean. Thus, number sense is highly emphasized at The Art Farm in NYC. Number sense just means the basics of learning about numbers, thus as what they mean and what they stand for. This is where we connect the number and the word with the concept. Thus, you may see numbers around your NYC preschool child’s classroom as we practice these early concepts.


For preschoolers, math will primarily be learned through games. There are so many different games that can teach kids about numbers, and even about higher-level concepts that although we don’t emphasize, is great exposure to younger children. One example of this is when we play a circle game and every round we take out a chair. We’ll say the remaining number, but we won’t dive into subtraction. However, this is what the kids will be doing. We can play the same game, but instead add a chair to emphasize the concept of addition.


Math in cooking? You betcha! In cooking, the measuring spoon is your friend, and while preschoolers may not quite grasp the idea that ⅓ is less than ½, they can visually see that it is and in their minds they will form connections that when they do begin to learn about fractions, they can draw from and it will make much more sense to them. Math in cooking is one of our favorite (and most tasty) ways to learn!


The Art Farm understands that you have hundreds of preschools to choose from here in New York City. When we started, we did not want to become just “another preschool.” Thus, we’ve created the most unique preschool in NYC that we believe gives your child an amazing educational step forward while preserving their love for learning and exploration. Through our daily animal lessons, art, music, cooking, and learning, your child will flourish and begin to make connections that will serve them throughout life. You will watch them grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually every day. Contact us today for NYC preschool enrollment information!