Summer camp registration is now open at the Art Farm NYC! If you’re looking for a way to enrich your child’s daily routine during the summer, look no further than our summer camps for kids in New York City.

Reasons To Register For Summer Camp Now

If summertime still seems far away, it’ll be here before you know it — and our camp slots will be filled! Check out these reasons to register for summer activities for kids sooner rather than later.

  1. You Get Your First Choice Of Camp

At The Art Farm NYC, we’re excited to offer flexible registration options depending on your child’s age group, time and  day of week, If you have a busy schedule and need to coordinate multiple children, signing up early is the only thing that can ensure you get the best option for you.

For children age 3 we offer a full day and half day option:

  • Hamsters Half-Day Camp from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.\
  • Hamsters Full-Day Camp from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (includes rest time)

Check out our Three Year Old Camp Page page to see more specific daily schedules and early drop-off options.

For kindergarten-age children (ages 4-5), we offer full-day summer camp options:

  • Froggies (4-year-olds or entering pre-K)
  • Doves & Parrots (5-years-old or entering kindergarten)

These camps also have different options, with extended day and regular schedules as a choice. To make sure your child is registered for the most appropriate summer camp, be sure to book early!

For children grades 1-5, we offer full-day camp options:

  • Geckos & Turtles (6-year-olds or entering 1st grade)
  • Chinchillas (7-10-year-olds or entering 2nd – 5th grade)

As with our full-day camps for kindergarten-age children, we offer extended care and regular scheduling options. Check out the camp schedules online today and register before spaces fill up!

  1. You Have Time For Questions And Tours

The earlier you register for summer camps, the more of a chance you have to get to know the camp directors and facility. Especially if you have a child who struggles with separation or entering unfamiliar spaces, this opportunity to get comfortable is invaluable.

For children with sensitive allergies, 504s or IEPs, and other specifications, registering early can also ensure you have the support structure in place that your child will need at camp.

You can also schedule a call with our staff and ask our camp director questions today!

  1. You Can Plan Your Vacations

Having to plan summer activities for kids around vacations can be very difficult. After all, an organization’s camp schedule cannot necessarily cater to yours. If you do have a schedule overlap, your kids will end up missing fun and enriching camp days.

When you register for camp first, though, you can plan the rest of your summer activities around it.

Summer Activities For Kids At The Art Farm NYC

Get ready for your child’s best summer yet! At The Art Farm NYC, our camps for kids include activities such as:

  • Meeting and caring for new animals
  • Swimming lessons
  • Music Class
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Science experiments
  • Singing and dancing
  • Playing sports
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Outdoor Play

Provide your child the opportunity to grow with nature and the basics of life — and to have a blast! Register for summer camps today at The Art Farm NYC.