The Art Farm NYC is celebrating 17 years of business! We’re tremendously proud of the business we’ve grown and the enrichment opportunities we’ve provided to New York City youth.


As part of our 17-year celebration, we’re looking back at how we’ve grown from a small program to a robust organization.


The Art Farm NYC Stats


  • Over 10,000 birthday parties hosted
  • A USDA-licensed indoor petting zoo with chinchillas, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, birds, chickens; all sorts of amphibians from salamanders to frogs; all different types of reptiles, such as Asian box turtles, Russian Tortoises, Red Footed Tortoise, Red Ear Slider Turtles and lizards; Chuckwallas, Bearded Dragons, Croc Skinks, Blue Tongue Skink, Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos; Hermit Crabs, Moon Crabs; insects such as Walking Sticks to name a few; baby chicks, butterflies, and ladybugs in the spring.
  • 250 preschoolers educated
  • 620,500 children who have come through our doors


Our Proudest Accomplishments


Check out this interview with The Art Farm NYC’s owner, Valentina, to learn more about our history and accomplishments.


Question: What accomplishments at the Art Farm NYC are you most proud of?


The Art Farm NYC started as one small program and we have grown so much over the years. We have hosted over 10,000 birthday parties in our 17 years and we are still celebrating.


We also have a NYC licensed Summer Camp with a capacity of 150 campers per day, as well as a Preschool Program for ages 2-3 that is growing with leaps and bounds.


Our School Outreach Program is in more than 80 public and private schools and programs year-round, and we are educating the city’s youth on nature and its living creatures through our classes for kids.


We are a place for neighborhood families to drop in and play at, and also a destination for families that live downtown or are just visiting NYC.


I am always so proud of the little ones that are now teenagers who did our programs when they were toddlers and they have a strong memory of The Art Farm’s impact on their life and they want to be apart of our program as camp counselors.


I love that The Art Farm brings families together, and I am really proud of our staff and programming — and all that we accomplish together. I am so proud of our “whole foods” philosophy as well; we teach it in our cooking classes and introduce fresh fruit to all of our programs for kids during snack time. Nutrition is very important and children need to know healthy food habits right away. The Art Farm has helped to spread this knowledge, and I’m extremely proud of this legacy.


Question: What is your favorite class for kids offered at The Art Farm NYC?


I created majority of our classes for kids and curriculum at The Art Farm, but my all-time favorite — since I have a background in Music Education and I just love toddlers and two-and three-year-olds — would be our Rock Smocks and Animals Class.


This class for kids has a great mix of fun music for the children and the parents, a fun selection of props and instruments to enjoy, live musicians and singing and dancing to great music. During this class, children get to meet, learn about, and hold a live animal every week — plus, kids also create a corresponding story and art project. This curriculum makes this class for kids age-appropriate and educational all at the same time.


What importance does nature have in the development of young children?


Nature is the world around them, and some city families really lose that connection. We all live on planet Earth which has soil, sun, rain and snow.


It’s okay for your child to get their hands dirty in our planet’s soil. It’s good for children to understand plant life and gardening and where their food comes from — beyond the grocery store.  It’s important for children to know that things actually grow in the dirt and can be eaten after they are washed.


It’s the same concept for the animals that live on our planet. If we don’t take care of our planet, these animals won’t survive.

Families get so caught up in their schedules and where they have to be when, don’t have down time or  don’t want their kids to get dirty. As a mom of three, I fall into this too.


But, every once in awhile, let them dig in the dirt, play in the sun, the snow, and rain (with their rain boots and umbrella, of course), and let them explore and enjoy the environment. It’s so important for their development, curiosity,  and their love of nature and the planet. At The Art Farm NYC, our classes for kids emphasize these very skills.

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