Schools across the country are approaching reopening in a variety of ways. Some districts have made the decision to stay remote through the end of the year, while others have opted for a mix of in-person and online classes.

As we noted in a previous post, there are a number of benefits provided by in-person instruction that aren’t easy to replicate in a digital environment. However, many parents have decided that online learning is the best decision for their children at this time, and The Art Farm NYC supports either decision. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to open our doors for in-person preschool and classes for kids in November, but we will be offering online learning opportunities as well.

If your child is learning online this year, use these tips to help them make the most of their time in the digital classroom!

Five Tips for Successful Online Learning

Start the Day With a Healthy Breakfast

Although hunger isn’t as distracting as social media or background noise, an empty stomach can make it difficult to learn. Make sure that your child gets a healthy breakfast before class starts and snacks throughout the day. The more structure you can add to the day, the better.

Create a Dedicated Space

One major benefit of in-person learning is that the classroom has a dedicated purpose: learning. Your kitchen table, a corner of your home office, or a desk in your child’s bedroom can all blur the lines between home and school, making it difficult to transition from one to the other. If you notice that your child is having a difficult time separating home and school, try a new location that can be dedicated solely to learning during the day.

Put Their Phone Away

Any teacher will confirm that phones are one of the biggest classroom distractions, even among young children. If your child has a phone, make sure that it’s silenced and preferably in another room. Even just a few pickups throughout the day can derail your child’s train of thought and make it much more difficult to concentrate.

Stick to a Routine

As we mentioned in the first section, it’s important to maintain as much structure in the day as possible. In-person learning is structured down to the minute from the moment children arrive until they’re picked up, but learning from home can feel much more casual and relaxed if you aren’t actively taking steps to make your home like the classroom. Enforce a consistent bedtime, make sure your child is showering and getting dressed each morning, and making time for homework in the evenings. The more your home can replicate the schedule of the classroom, the more likely your child is to succeed.

Talk to Your Child

There’s nothing easy about what we’re all going through. Our lives have been upended in a variety of ways that create internal tension and anxiety, no matter how long we’ve been adjusting to the changes. Talk to your child about how they feel and check in on a regular basis. If you notice signs of depression, anxiety, or trauma, you may want to consider speaking with a professional.

Learn More About Classes for Kids in NYC

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen in-person or online learning for your child, we hope to see your child in one of our classes. We are doing everything we can to reopen safely in November and we will be offering a variety of remote classes throughout the year. View our full list of classes and sign your child up today!

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