The chilly autumn season is upon us! While summer is typically associated with getting young kids involved in fun, educational activities, The Art Farm NYC is open all year-round to help young children develop their creative and critical thinking skills. Registration for our Fall 2021 15-week semester is open to all toddlers and young kids in the Upper East Side Manhattan and New York City area. Let’s take a look at a few of our courses so you know exactly what’s in store!


The Rocks, Smocks & Animals class.Rocks, Smocks, & Animals

How about an animal adventure? The Art Farm NYC’s “Rocks, Smocks & Animals” course is a creative combination of music, art, and animal education. Throughout this course, participants will have the opportunity to learn about a different “Animal of The Week,” before interacting with them in an indoor petting zoo style. Young children can learn all about these special guests, play with toys resembling them, and create masterpieces of any animal they like! This class is offered in three age groups: 12 to 24 months, one to four years (mixed ages), and two to three years.

The Animal Exploration class.Animal Exploration Class
Speaking of which, the “Animal Exploration Class” designed for the four to eight-year age group functions as an after-school program. Children enrolled in this class have the chance to spend time with live animals, allowing them to develop observation, classification, and communication skills. The Art Farm NYC takes a hands-on approach by having our participants engage in age-appropriate activities, stores, games, and crafts — all this is to help instill the importance of caring for and respecting all living creatures!

The Art For Busy Kids class.Art For Busy Kids
Is your child an aspiring artist? Now is your chance to introduce them to our “Art For Busy Kids” course, offered for two different age groups: two to five years and four to eight years. Each session begins with open art time, where participants have a chance to engage with different mediums (i.e. paint, canvas, recycled materials); your child will create their very own masterpiece every single week! Our instructors get everyone’s creative juices flowing with a short storytime, and every class ends with a trip to all the animals in our petting zoo. For these sessions, all children must attend with a caregiver.

The Farm Friends class.Farm Friends

If a longer, more-involved class is what you’re looking for, our “Farm Friends” class runs for a total of 90 minutes. Designed as an “adult and me” preschool prep class, this offering from The Art Farm NYC is ideal for getting your child more involved with play and with transitioning into a classroom environment. Multiple activity options are available, including play dough, puzzles, a kid’s kitchen, trains, and more. Afterwards, kids have a chance to say hello to their peers, settle down with a healthy snack and story, and pay a visit to our very own petting zoo.


Now is your chance to register online and get a break from the hustle and bustle of Upper East Side Manhattan’s city life. Our staff invites you to try a free class before you commit and to take advantage of our flexible payment scheduling option. Learn the full details about each of these classes right now and we hope to see you soon!