the art farm nyc preschool classes

The Art Farm was founded on the idea that children need to be more connected to nature in order to grow into healthy adults. Thus, we are a nature-focused educational center that offers classes for kids in NYC, including preschool classes. We are New York City’s only indoor petting zoo, helping to bring nature to children as well. We believe in the many benefits of outdoor play for children, which is why it’s an integral part of our NYC preschool. Below, we’ll list specific benefits for your preschooler. Enroll today!



One important way to learn is to learn by doing, which is what the outdoors is all about. When kids have the opportunity to explore ponds and streams, climb trees, play in fields, watch the flowers grow and the insects crawl, and build forts from sticks, they are developing cognitive skills, as well as problem-solving skills. They are also learning about the world around them, and making connections on how everything fits together, as well as their place in this world.

Health Benefits

Children gain many health benefits from being outside. The sun provides them with vitamin D, which our bodies need to help absorb calcium and promote bone growth. A vitamin D deficiency can cause other health problems as well. While outside, kids run around and play, promoting the development of strong bones and a good fitness level. They get to burn off extra energy and ensure a healthy weight.

Social Skills

Having things to do, like look for grasshoppers, climb on monkey bars, or kick a ball around, makes interacting with others easier because you have something in common. Children are more likely to talk to other children and make new friends when they are both enjoying a game of hop-scotch or playing with a jump rope together. Plus, during free play, adults aren’t supervising childrens’ interactions, which reduces the pressure and the intimidation factor as well, allowing kids to make friends more easily.


On the playground, adults are nearby, but far enough away that children have to interact by themselves. This allows for children to figure out things on their own, such as how playground equipment works, how to play by themselves in the dirt, or how to take turns on the swings. Independence is fostered as kids learn to do things by themselves.


The Art Farm takes pride in our curriculum, which was developed to promote the love of nature and the outdoor world, as well as help cultivate skills, such as art, music, and cooking, that will serve them later in life. We offer live animal science lessons, curriculum focusing on the basics, such as numbers, letters, and shapes, and hands-on experiences where getting your hands dirty is encouraged. You can find out more information and our application about our NYC preschool online, and call today for a tour!