Now that the chilly weather is here, it’s time to start thinking about safe and fun activities you can do with your family this winter. In this post, we’ll discuss four ways you and your family can keep busy as we bundle up and prepare for the next few months.

As you’ll read in more detail below, participating in any of The Art Farm’s in-person classes or drop in’s for kids in NYC is a great way to keep your child engaged and connected. View our list of classes to learn more, and read on for a few fun ways you can keep busy during the next few months!

Four Ways to Keep Your Family Busy This Winter

Turn Your Screens Off

While this first tip isn’t something you can do on its own, it’s important to keep it in mind in everything else that you do. It can certainly be tempting to sit down and binge an unending stream of movies and shows the second the workday ends, but it’s not exactly the best way to engage with your family. It’s not a habit you want to get into, either.

And if you have a smartphone, turn it off when you’re trying to spend quality time with your family. The most important part of being with your loved ones is being fully present in both body and mind, so turn your phone off or put it on silent to minimize distractions.

Stay Active

With gyms closed and our local parks chillier than most people can tolerate, it’s important to find alternative forms of activity your whole family can enjoy. 

If you normally do yoga, follow along to online videos, or see if local studies are doing live virtual classes. If you’re more of a biker or weightlifter, why not put the money you would have spent on the gym toward an exercise bike or compact weightlifting machine?

No matter what you ultimately decide to do, remember that some exercise is better than none at all!

At The Art Farm NYC, we make activity and exercise one of our top priorities. We know that this has been an extremely difficult time for many children, and we’re doing everything we can to help our communities stay healthy and active. If you want to give your child something they can look forward to in 2021, why not look into our summer camp for kids that’s now open for enrollment!


Classes for Kids at  The Art Farm NYC

If your child is feeling restless and bored this winter, we recommend looking into The Art Farm’s classes for kids in NYC. We’re offering in person classes for children of all ages, and we have everything from music, to animal science classes to live animal demonstrations and art sessions that allow your child to express their inner creativity.

Cook Something New

Learning new things is a great way to bond with your family, especially if you have little ones who are aspiring chefs!

These days, you can find a virtually endless number of recipes on the internet for free, so do some looking to find something everyone can enjoy! And if you aren’t sure how to cook something or perform a certain technique, is there any better time than right now to learn?

If your child seems to take an interest in cooking, be sure to check out our Farm Foodies class, where we teach children about the value of cooking with healthy ingredients and walk them through age-appropriate recipes!

We hope to see you and your child this winter!

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