Although many of us have grown tired of online work, school, family gatherings, and other activities, they have become an essential part of keeping our communities safe. Some parents and children prefer in-person learning to online education, while others prefer the opposite.

The Art Farm NYC offers both in-person and online classes for kids and in this post, we’ll discuss five great reasons to enroll your child in our virtual preschool programs.

We love our virtual classes for the reasons listed below, but we’re also incredibly excited about the opportunity to offer in-person classes for kids that are safe, exciting, and the perfect way for your child to socialize with their peers. Visit this page to learn more, and continue reading below if virtual classes are more in line with what your family is looking for!

Three Benefits of Online Preschool


Has your busy schedule prevented you from doing certain things with your child? Maybe the fact that you work weekends has prevented you from coming by Art Farm NYC in the past, or perhaps you and your family usually have so many other commitments during the week that our classes simply don’t fit into your calendar. Your schedule is probably still packed, but the flexibility of online learning has allowed us to make our classes much more accessible to a wide range of families. Look through our classes to see if any of our times will work for you!


Unfamiliar environments can cause children to feel uncomfortable and anxious about asking questions. Online classes provide them with the opportunity to engage with the material in a familiar and safe environment. Contrary to what many parents have expected, we’ve seen many shy children break out of their comfort zones and become some of the most talkative in the class after making the switch to online classes!


You and your family aren’t alone if you’re still adjusting to a new schedule. Spending the majority of the day at home has blurred the lines between school, work, home, relaxation, exercise, and just about everything else.

Your child has surely noticed this as well, and it’s important to provide them with a sense of regularity and predictability as they prepare for the rest of their education. Online preschool is filled with fun themes and engaging activities, and it’s also designed to subtly teach children how to engage in structured learning. There will be a return to normalcy at some point in the future and, when we get there, your child will be much more prepared if they’ve learned to appreciate structure in their day.

Learn More About Virtual Preschool in NYC

We hope that today’s post will inspire you to learn more about how The Art Farm NYC’s online preschool could benefit your child. We plan to continue discussing both our online classes and in-person classes on our blog, so please check back regularly for the latest updates!

If you would like to learn more about everything we’re offering, please visit our scheduling page or simply get in touch with us to request more information.

We look forward to speaking with you!