The Art Farm’s Summer Camp COVID-19 Safety Protocols 

We are excited for another season of summer of fun!   The health and safety of our campers, staff, and campers’ families, are our number one priority. Please see our COVID -19 Safety Protocols below. All of our policies follow the New York State Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines for summer camp.

The Art Farm will stay up to date with all COVID – 19 Protocols and will change any policies if authorized by the State, City, or CDC. We are looking forward to another successful healthy summer!

The Art Farm hosts our Summer Camp at the Trevor Day School, located at 312 E. 95th St.

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Daily Routine Safety Protocols 

We follow the most current City, State, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and American Camp Association guidelines. 

Arrival and Dismissal will take place in the auditorium on the 2nd Floor. Each camp group will have its own row and plenty of space to allow for social distancing between all groups.  No need for elevator use. We will also help families that need stroller access. Families will follow the given traffic patterns to make sure everyone is maintaining the 6-foot social distancing protocols. 

All Staff, campers, and family members participating in Drop Off and Pick Up will have their temperatures checked daily. 

All Campers and staff will take part in health screenings

Face coverings required for staff at all times; all campers wear masks when transitioning to and from activities and will receive mask breaks throughout the day. 

Accessible hand sanitizer stations and routine hand washing between all activities.  

Smaller group sizes

Pre-packaged lunches if purchased through The Art Farm

Health Director on site 

Staff will disinfect and sanitize throughout the camp day and deep cleanings will take place every evening.

Water Bottle Filling Stations Are Available


Mask Policy

Staff members are required to wear a face-covering at all times during the day except while eating lunch and in the pool. In the pool, staff members wear a face shield instead of a mask.

Campers wear face coverings at arrival and dismissal and while transitioning from activities. Campers are allowed to remove their masks for breaks when they are participating in sports, outdoor play, and when they are actively working in their group in their classroom.  


Pre-camp Screening Policies

All campers and camper’s families will need to self-monitor for symptoms 10 days prior to the start of camp. We also ask campers and staff to refrain from travel, large gatherings, and any situations that might be considered high risk in the time leading up to the start of camp. 


We are only offering virtual tours this summer. 

Please click here for our virtual tour of the Trevor Day School at 312 E. 95th St where our summer camp takes place. 

Please click here to see a pdf of the spaces we use most.


If An Individual Tests Positive At Camp

 If an individual tests positive, we will follow contact tracing protocols that we have in place for The Art Farm Summer Camp at the Trevor Day School Campus. A group may be required to quarantine for a set period of time out of an abundance of caution. Credits will be offered to campers in any group affected by a mandatory quarantine. 


If A Camper Tests Positive Before Their Camp Enrollment Begins or a Member in Their Family is Positive During Camp Enrollment

The camper will need to follow all City, State, and CDC Quarantine Guidelines. The Camper will not be able to start camp or return to camp until after 10 days of when the symptoms began in their household. Once all symptoms have ceased within the household and the quarantine has finished a  negative test will be required for the whole household and camper. An Art Farm credit will be applied to any days missed by the camper due to COVID 19.

If A Camper Is Showing Symptoms at Camp or Before Camp

If a camper is showing symptoms at camp he or she will be sent to the health director’s isolation area and sent home immediately. He or she will not be permitted to return until they present a negative test if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Outdoor Time During The Day

All of our campers have daily outdoor time on our private terrace. All of our full-day campers entering Pre – K and older walk to local playground areas daily for outdoor activities and will also walk outdoors to the 92nd St Y for swimming.

Staff Vaccinations

The majority of The Art Farm Staff is currently vaccinated. We strongly encourage all of our staff to be vaccinated by the summer camp season. 

Camp Lunches Purchased Through The Art Farm 

All lunches are pre-packaged daily. Hand sanitizer and handwashing stations are available at all times in the lunch areas. 

Camp Group Sizes 

Group sizes will be  12 to 15 campers with three teachers assigned to each camp group. All of our lead teachers are experienced teachers with a bachelor’s degree and extensive experience in the appropriate age group. All of our assistant teachers have a minimum of an associate’s degree. 

We are waiting for official New York State guidelines but expect to be working with limited capacity again this summer. 

Groups follow individual schedules throughout the day.

Groups do not interact with each other. The only exception is during drop-off spaced out in the auditorium.  

Please let us know if you need additional information. Call 917.757.7366 or email